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House Music CPU Fail.

2011-12-14 03:36:36 by Toxicks

Ok, so tonight I'm trying to practice some swedish hardstyle with house drums, everythings working fine untill I move on from putting together the introduction. I start making copies of my kicks to input them into my mixer under a different channel in order to apply the same reverb but with a retriggering effect from deepblue's Glitch program. The moment I apply it, my CPU starts getting cranky, its not that old, and it's a quad core intel(need to overclock that sucker and get a liquid cooling heatsink for it, take it from 2.4ghz to 3.0ghz. But then I think to myself, perhaps the reverb effect combined with retrigger is creating these really narsty cpu load spikes, dropping artifacts all over my track. q.q Anyone else play with this software? FL 10 with native instrument synths and deepblue glitch?


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